She is an advocate for public schools, an experienced educator with over 10 years serving as a school psychologist in public school and 5 years as a college professor preparing pre-service teachers in Kentucky. She is currently a Licensed psychologist providing direct mental health services to kids and families in Central Kentucky. She is the Diversity Section Representative on the Kentucky Psychology Association (KPA) Board.  She has a proven record of advocating for equity in school funding, closing achievement gaps, and increasing access to special programs for all kids. She believes that her professional training in psychology and personal experiences as a parent and member of the Lexington community make her the most qualified candidate.  To find out more or support the campaign, go to or email us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook/Twitter.  Financial contributions may be mail to Dana Suber, Campaign Treasurer, at 3036 Sandersville Road, Lexington, KY 40511 or they made online at