Early Career Psychologists

What's an ECP?:  Early Career Psychologist: someone who has completed a master's or doctoral degree within the last 10 years.

Would you be interested in?:

  • Spending time with colleagues with a similar level of experience.  
  • Getting involved in peer supervision.  
  • Having a mentor to help guide you through your early career.  
  • Getting advice to get your practice off the ground (insurance, paperwork, billing, etc)?
  • Getting assistance with finding local job opening and positions.  
  • Meeting other ECP's to refer patients and to get referral

Then joining a group just for ECPs may be right for you.  Being new to any profession can be difficult but for psychologists used to support received in school or on internship, it can feel worse.  KPA can help address these needs.  The KPA ECP Connection offers help, support, guidance, and fun.

Take the ECP Survey:

We want to know what's important to you.  Click here to take ECP survey.

Peer Supervision:

We now have a peer supervision group in Louisville which meets on Friday mornings.  So far there has not been a sufficient number of interested ECPs in other areas of the state to form a group. However, we are keeping lists of those who have expressed interest and will contact those individuals once there is enough interest in their area.  Interested in forming or joining a group in your area?  We can help you get started!

Join Your Colleagues on the ECP Listserve:

You probably have specific needs that you didn't have a student and that your more seasoned colleagues may not be facing.  It is a difficult transition to go from being a student to suddenly being an independent professional and you may not always feel you have someone to turn to with questions that arise.  During those first several years after graduation we go through many changes and many of us are looking for more support. 

The ECP Connection has now expanded and gotten our listserv off the ground.  We expect to use the listserv for networking and sharing of ideas and events.  You may have questions about many things such as mentoring opportunities, negotiating a salary, referrals, starting a practice, transitioning from one kind of practice to another, finding colleagues for peer consultation, etc.  We hope that the listserv will be able to help with many of these issues. 

This listserv is a benefit of KPA membership so we hope you will join our organization today!  

If you are interested in joining the Kentucky ECP listserv (KPA member only benefit) please log into your KPA member profile and select "Yes" under the Early Career Psychology Listserve header.


  ECP Resources

Other questions/ comments?  Want to get more involved? 

Contact KPA at [email protected] or at 502-894-0777.

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