David T. Susman, Ph.D.,
was elected Chair-elect of CLT. Dr. Susman will serve three-year terms on CLT (2022-2024). Dr. Susman will also serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors (2022-2023) while serving as Chair-Elect and Chair of CLT.


Drs. Candice Hargons & Steven Kniffley, Jr are featured in an article from WDRB, "Quiet Crisis: Kentucky racial trauma clinics see an increase in demand for mental services, training," Click here to read the full article.

Congratulations to Adrianna Fisher-Willis, Psy.D. who recently became an APA Diversity Leadership Program Graduate!

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Lisa King, Psy.D. 
wrote an article titled, Integrating behavioral health into end-of-life care. Click here to read the article.

Steven D. Kniffley, Jr., Psy.D., MPA, ABPP, HSP 
was featured in an article Mental health experts warn Derek Chauvin trial may revive feelings of racial traumaClick here to read more.