Resources from Dr. Kniffley

List of things white people can do for racial justice: 

Books white people should read: 

Local organizations to get involved with/support: 

Books/blog/information written and created by Dr. Kniffley: Out of K.O.S.

Out of K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self): Black masculinity, psychopathology, and treatment (Book) 

Black Males and the Criminal Justice System (Book) 

What is Racial Trauma? (video)

What is Racial Trauma Therapy? (Video) 

Having conversations with culturally different people (TED Talk)

Collective Care Center Racial Trauma Clinic

News interviews conducted by Dr. Kniffley on racial trauma therapy



Resources from Dr. Hargons

The Center for Healing Racial Trauma offers workshops to mental health, education, religious, non-profit and for profit businesses organizations for the prevention of racial trauma, which includes topics such as “Cultivating an anti-racist mindset” and “Having Courageous conversations.”

The Ally + Accomplice Meditation for White People -