Leadership Narratives with the Kentucky Psychological Association Show Notes 


Episode 3: with Dr. Amanda Mitchell is an Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Director of the Social Inequities in Health Lab at the University of Louisville. Dr. Mitchell conducts research at the intersection of counseling psychology, public health, and psychoneuroimmunology through a biopsychosocial lens with an emphasis on social justice.

Episode 2: with Dr. Steven Kniffley is the Associate Director for the Center for Behavioral Health and an Assistant Professor in Spalding University’s School of Professional Psychology. In addition to these roles, Dr. Kniffley is also the coordinator for the Collective Care Center, which is one of the few racial trauma clinics in the country, and a leader in the field of racial trauma training and education. Check out Dr. Kniffley's blog here: https://drstevenkniffleyjr.com/

Episode 1: with Dr. David Susman is a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Kentucky where he is director of both the Psychology Internship Consortium Program and the Harris Psychological Services Center. In addition to his roles at UK, Dr. Susman runs a website that provides mental health resources and inspiration and is involved with both KPA and APA. Check out Dr. Susman's blog here: https://davidsusman.com/



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Hannah Heitz joined the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at the University of Louisville in the Fall of 2019. Hannah's current research examines the relationship between socioeconomic status and health through a strengths-based approach in Dr. Amanda Mitchell's Social Inequities in Health Lab. In addition to her research pursuits, Hannah is a fellow in the inaugural KPA leadership academy program and is the KPA Graduate Student Representative (KPAGS).



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