KBEP Elections Results

In accordance with KRS 319.020 the Kentucky Psychological Association is charged with conducting the nomination and election process for the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology. KPA sends nomination and election material to all licensed psychology professionals, regardless of their membership status with KPA. The top 3 names are submitted to the Governor for selection of licensing board members. 

Here is an update on open KBEP board seats:

Doctoral Seat - Gerald A. Walker, Psy.D. - Term expired 3/11/2018

1.  Brenda Nash, Ph.D. 
2.  Allison From-Tapp, Psy.D.
3.  Gina DeArth-Pendley, Ph.D.

Awaiting Governor selection

If you have any questions about KBEP elections, please contact us at [email protected]