Psychopharmacology, 3 CE

Workshop Details

Presented by Rif El-Mallakh, MD

This home study will cover medications commonly used to treat psychiatric disorders. The presentation will focus on mechanisms, efficacy, and potential side effects. ​Skill Level: Beginning. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Attendees will be able to better determine when to suggest concomitant medications for their patients.
  • Attendees will be more able to ask their patients who are taking medications to discuss changes with their prescribers for residual symptoms.
  • Attendees will be more able to ask their patients who are taking medications to discuss changes with their prescribers for side effects.

About the Presenter:  

 Dr. Rif El-Mallakh earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago and Peoria, Illinois. He completed an internship in internal medicine, two years of residency in neurology, and a residency in psychiatry at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, Connecticut. He was a Senior Staff Research Fellow in the Neuropsychiatry Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, District of Columbia. He currently heads the Mood Disorders Research Program at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. The highlights of his work include the development of a widely used animal model for mania; development of a novel cellular model to study molecular mechanisms of bipolar illness; identification of a new hormone (ouabain-like factor) that may be involved in the pathogenesis of bipolar illness; description of a biological mechanism of ethanol that mimics the therapeutic actions of lithium in bipolar patients (biological evidence for the self medication hypothesis); and identification of adverse consequences of antidepressant use in both bipolar illness and unipolar depression (antidepressant-associated chronic irritable dysphoria [ACID}, and tardive dysphoria, respectively). Additionally, Dr. El-Mallakh is involved in teaching at the University of Louisville, for medical and nursing students, psychiatric residents, and masters and doctoral students. He has received multiple local and national teaching awards.                       


This workshop is appropriate for Psychologists, Social Workers, Art Therapists, and Other Mental Health Professionals.

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CE Credit

In order to obtain CE credit for this home study, you will need to complete an online home study quiz (10 multiple choice questions) which will need to be completed after listening to the webinar. In order to obtain credit for the home study workshop, you are required to pass the quiz with test scores of at least 80%. Once the quiz has been submitted it will be reviewed within 10 days and you will be notified via email of your results. At that time, assuming you have received at least 80% on the quiz, you will also receive a printable copy of your CE certificate via email.